Dog Days @ Montauk

Going to a restaurant or bar alone has a certain allure. It can allow you to enjoy a meal or drink and be able to focus entirely on what you’re…

National Beer Hall: my Calgary staple

Hey, remember me?  Ya, I’m that other girl who sometimes writes here.   I’ve been touring Alberta for the past 2 months for work.  Livin’ the dream, amiright? So whilst on this roadshow,…

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Free-Market Fast-Food Fight: Big King vs. Big Mac

Packaged burgers. I prefer boxes.

I recently wrote about the new Burger King in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, and how it’s the devil incarnate, the worst thing to happen to the area, miserably soulless, yada yada yada.  I also mentioned that the McDonald’s that it faces is arguably the worst one in the world, and that the best thing that Burger King could do…

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