Hype, tacos and Kensington

Important questions:

Did hype ruin my experience at Seven Lives? Or was that pork in the carnita taco really just dry?


I don’t know. And Yes.

I know glorified yet glamorous fast food (pop-ups, food trucks, restaurants with seating for 3) aren’t made with comfort in mind. I also know that they cater to the culinary adventurous sort. If we are to enjoy food from those types of establishments we aren’t supposed to care about comfort. We aren’t supposed to be phased that the chair is broken and that the bench was only made to be comfortable for a man who measures 6 foot 5 instead of someone a foot shorter. By frequenting those types of establishments we are supposed to only care about the food. It’s supposed to be inventive and exciting food!

But guess what? Eating out is more than just about the food. If you offer some limited seating and where I sit is uncomfortable and awkward for both me and my friend, that is going to seep into my judgement of the establishment and even the food itself. Because I might only remember the inconvenience. Which is what happened at Seven Lives.

Drinks? Watermelon and Lemonade. Both very goood.

The drinks were very satisfying!

Confession: I would go back just for the lemonade.

Tacos? (sorry, no photos… I was too hungry!)

I should note that although we barely waited in line, we did wait a while for the food. And there wasn’t much of anywhere to wait.
I got the Carnita and Blackened Mahi Mahi.

Blackened Mahi Mahi: very good. Actually, so good that it makes me want to forget about the carnita taco!

Carnita: too much meat (never thought I would complain about that), no sauce, soggy taco and lacked flavour. I kept eating it to see if I was missing something. Hm, nope.

My friend got two others – and in one of them (not the shrimp taco) she got a “surprise” shrimp! Fun and funny.. but also a mistake.

Would I go back? Not right away. There are so many other taco places in town, so why would I give an immediate repeat visit to a joint was somewhat disappointing and really hyped up? (Even if I love their branding! The cat with the fish bone in its mouth! Love it!).

A local Kensington competitor seems to have caught wind of the wait at Seven Lives and hopes to capitalize on it:

OK, Pancho Y Emiliano, I'm coming for you!

OK, Pancho Y Emiliano, I’m coming for you!

Clever, clever. Next time it is your turn to try to wow me, Pancho Y Emiliano!

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